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Is it possible that Runescape is experiencing a dip in populari

  • Are there ents in your arms that break your blades out of my willow if I chop it into logs? I can multi-task on RS and break my axes, so frequently I carry three rune axes on my inventory RS 2007 Gold. Because I am able to easily access them during my farm runs and add trees in Varrock and also a Gnome fruit tree in Gnome strengthhold, I plan to do so. I have full parcels of land in Port Phasmatys, Catherbery, East Ardougne, and Draynor. I haven't started to do bushes or hops yet.

    I'm currently in f2p. I've been training from 7 to 80. I'm resigning at age 80 in order to improve my skills. But, I'll likely join soon. I would like to get a cape for my skills. It's so simple to use, I will not be doing any cooking or fletching if I have a skill crate. But I want my first 99 to stand out, so it was a good idea to choose strength. What would the str time between 80 and 99 be? Where can I train? It is all dependent on the location where the training is held and whether you're prepared to pay for quality food/pots.

    Let me first mention that the strength cape is almost as popular today as the cooking or fletching one. Skills such as mining, slayering runecrafting or farming will provide you with an exclusive cape. You can learn these skills cheaply and fairly quick if you wish to.

    Back to your query. Where do you train strength? I'll just mention one option pest control. This is not a good choice according to me, but it is extremely well-known. Due to the relatively new pest control system, it isn't that quick in terms of xp. Additionally, it doesn't get you any hitpoints. Sometimes, it can be frustrating and dull. Id guess, playing maybe 2-3 hours a day on average Buy RS Gold, the training for levels 80-99 will take around 8-10 weeks at pest control.