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Runescape used to be gigantically well known before

  • This is a possible alternative to get to 99 Construction that we can suggest. You can build up your level by creating Teak Benches which is a quite a click-intensive process as you can almost simultaneously it is possible to create one bench, and then tear it down RS Gold. The process is about two times cheaper than Mahogany Tables while levels are not too much slower. If you're not opposed to methods that require you to be constantly clicking , this method could offer a variety in the training you are taking.

    If you're not looking to spend 200mil to achieve max Construction we have a good option for you. It's possible to attain 99 in this skill while paying less than 100mil. While it's still a great amount , there are no better alternatives at the moment. If you're interested in going through this route, start similar to the above guide and stop at 47.

    Once you have this, you can create Mythical Cape Racks. This method is not only much cheaper than previous ones but is also decent in terms of learning experience. The training from 47 to 99 is expected to take approximately 50 hours.

    As you add Mythical Cape to your rack on the wall , you earn exp and, upon destruction, the cape is returned to your inventory. You can buy around 106k Teak planks is necessary to get the maximum value from this method. There's one prerequisite if you want to use it. You must complete the Dragon Slayer II quest. People who have enjoyed the content in the OSRS Construction guide can help us make improvements by leaving a comment below Buy RS 2007 Gold. We appreciate any feedback we receive.