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Path of Exile's 3.16.0b patch follow-up

  • To better improve the player experience, Grinding Gear Games released patch 3.16.0b for Path of Exile. Version 3.16.0b includes some improvements to natural disasters. Although each improvement is not very obvious, it can improve the player's experience in the game. In addition to the development, the designer makes some changes to the patch. Some minor errors involved in the game have also been corrected.

    The contaminated mythical orb is just one of the items introduced in the Scourge Alliance. The Mythical Orb can upgrade any damaged rare items to be unique. The power of this process is very powerful. Therefore, rare items are very scarce. Players can buy POE Currency For Sale to enhance their strength and increase the probability of obtaining rare items. Besides. The player hovering the mouse over the item will display related information about the item.

    The 3.16.0b patch also contains some notable bug fixes. For example, the item filter will assign the BaseDefensePercentile value to zero. The value of BaseDefensePercentile was assigned to 100 in the previous version.

    The old version of Zana's Fortune Preference Brave Map device option cannot be opened normally, and it should be able to open normally now. The new version of the map can be opened normally, and the player can continue to open the adventure mode. Players can browse the website during the adventure. and then select Buy POE Orbs to strengthen their equipment. In the old version, the watch stores that could not be dropped from the conquerors after defeating them are now back to normal. The watch stone can now be dropped after defeating the conqueror.

    Highlights of patch 3.16.0b: The damage of the blood globule and spike barrage skills of the Greedy Bloodsculptor has been reduced. The damage of Demon Shepherd's vomiting and beam skills has been reduced. Reduced the number of monsters with close-range shields that can be spawned in certain natural disaster encounters. There is a small regret. this update does not solve the problem of map conversion. Hope it will be resolved soon.