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Old school is a great MMORPG

  • As of recently, RuneScape is 20 years old and will continue to be a popular MMORPG. Initially, RuneScape was a hobby of developers. As developers create their adventures and let players enjoy the game, RuneScape gets better and better.

    The old school model has become the world's largest free MMORPG. It originated from the three brothers who liked games. The three brothers were developers and the first players. With the upgrade of the game, the RS Gold and Old School Runescape Gold sold in the RSgoldBuy store is also very hot, and the delivery speed and service attitude are particularly good. Among them, Andrew Gore is the main creator of the programmer who developed the foundation. Paul Gore created missions, new content, towns, and regions, and even designed the world layout that is still in use today. Ian Gore is an artist who creates logos, models, monsters, and character designs. Each brother was a department of the game in the early days, doing all the work alone.

    The prototype RuneScape ran on his computer, and only a few people participated, most of whom he invited. He accepted the feedback they provided and conducted further research. Many players immediately liked the game, and more and more players started to log in and register. Unfortunately, since hosting fees are too high and they cannot afford it, it is difficult for developers to keep up with the number of players joining. Later, they found a company and established a new company that still runs RuneScape today. 

    The current version of the RuneScape 3 game was finally released in 2016. Jagex is aware of the status of the community in many games. The changes in the game finally released RuneScape Old School, which is a version that many people have grown up with. But the company needs to pay for the new technology and keep RuneScape relevant. It was originally intended to enter new technologies such as smartphones and tablets in the same year, but it was postponed to 2014.

    In 2012, after the game upgraded the system and started adding microtransactions, the effect of this change was not satisfactory. Many people in the community don't like these new features. At the same time, the upgraded version of RuneScape continues to grow and add new features. Starting from popularization, combining real-life experience to find new ways to interact with game players.