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Old School Runescape Guide 1-4

  • When a beginner registers for a login account on Old School Runescape, the account level is 0 at first, and it takes a long time to upgrade the account. It feels like climbing a mountain, slowly climbing from the bottom of the mountain to the top. Although this is a challenge for many players, there is still a lot of basic work to be done throughout the early stages of the game.

    The following methods will help some players. Money is the most important thing in Old School Runescape. It can buy items that players need in battle. Players can sell almost all items in the game to other players. Prices in stores around the world are often different from those in large exchanges.

    Players can purchase items in two ways. One is from a specific store, and the other is a partner store, such as RSgoldBuy. Gold coins and items are sold here. Players will shop around and buy Old School Runescape Gold in the RSgoldBuy store, then take them to large exchanges and sell them at a price that exceeds their cost. The prices of items in large exchanges are always changing, so players should pay close attention to price changes.

    Spinning flax was one of the most stable ways to make money in the early days. This method has restrictions on the player's level, which must be level 10 or higher. Players at level 10 or higher can easily achieve this by manufacturing leather goods. Players first buy flax from a large exchange and then go to Lumbridge Castle to sell it. One of the freest ways to make money from wine is to first steal Zamorak's wine from Asgarnia. After drinking the wine during the battle, you can increase your combat value. Once the opportunity is lost, the game will be difficult to win.