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Steam China will be launched soon through Dota 2 and CS: GO

  • Perfect World and Valve plan to launch the public beta version of Steam China, which is an independent version of Steam that can provide various Steam games that meet the requirements of Chinese regulations. Although it will use a separate client from Valve's international version of Steam, any current Steam account can log in to the Chinese version.

    A senior analyst from a game marketing analysis company published a post with details of the public beta version. Fortunately, the MMOSO store sells items to all players. Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may be the first game to use the new version of the Steam China platform because they understand that once Chinese players join, their progress in these games should be transferred through the international version of Steam.

    Steam China will simply provide games that could be approved by Chinese regulators, and current international Steam accounts will be able to access any games that Steam incorporates a Chinese SKU. It is not clear whether progress will transfer away for every game.

    The current Steam account can be used on both versions, and the game can also be used if the Chinese SKU is provided. Buy steam level boost is one of the methods most players choose. Steam China is a separate application on the international version of Steam, suitable for your Chinese market and only provides approved games.
    The launch of Steam China is likely to have an important impact on Steam users in other parts of the world and games such as Devotion, which contain content that Chinese players realize is unacceptable or illegal in China. Steam China may also need better Chinese localization to display games on the platform.