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The biggest exploration about Old School Runescape

  • According to the latest PC game news announcement, OSRS studio Jagex released a news notice on its official website before announcing the song of the genie. The old-school RuneScape is also very exciting. RS Gold is still very important and the most important currency in the game. Players who have not seen it can search for OSRS studio to view it. After seeing the advance notification message, the old version of RuneScape will be downloaded and registered immediately.

    The biggest update to the Old School Runescape game so far, the Elf Song, which belongs to the Elf Quest series. After the Elf Song is released, the Elf Quest series is coming to an end. The content of the newly released Elf Song is very exciting, including angels, bad guys, and a city. The battle begins here.

    Prifddinas, the capital city of the elves, is hidden in the OSRS map, full of unique shops for you to visit and meet people, and its center is the tower of all the exquisite sounds. Each urban area is associated with one of the eight clans and has its characteristics. Old School Runescape Gold and Buy Runescape Gold sold in RSgoldBuy stores can also help find mysterious cities. Prifddinas also contains other activities that need to be completed. All these activities will produce crystal shards. Crystal shards are used as rewards for completing the shards. Use them to change some of your weapons and equipment.

    The setting of the fairy song story originated from real-life cases. In the fairy song, the player's ultimate goal is to defeat Lord Iorwerth and King Lathes and prevent the return of the Dark King. After completing the mission of the Elf Song, you will enter the legendary Elf capital city-Prifddinas. Because it is difficult to find this city, only a few players enter.